Pia Katriina | 16 | Finland         
Dissociative Identity Disorder

October 26th my ideal…
October 26th

To introduce this blog, I might also introduce myself and my disease.

Hey, my name is Pia Katriina, I am an almost-seventeen year old girl from Finland currently residing in Germany. 
I suffer from a Dissociative Identity Disorder coming by with periods of severe persecution mania, I also self-harm and hallucinate. Also I’m suffering from a severe cardiac defect which will cause me an early death for sure. 
I lost my beloved fiancé about 10 months ago - he killed himself.
He was the love of my life; and still my love to him keeps me away from liking anyone else. 

People tell me I’m so incredibly strong. 
Well. Might be that I am. 

But this is also going to be a weight loss blog. I want to drastically change something in my life - and to start with I need to change my body at first. 

October 26th
October 26th
October 26th